Covid-19 Update

Due to the pandemic, we are asking that everyone who comes by the studio practices social distancing and wears a face covering to reduce the spread of droplets.

We will not be participating in Open Studios this year. We hope to join back next year.

Stay safe and support the arts!


Artisphere Demonstration 2021

Artisphere will be online this year but we hope to participate in next year’s festival. Stay safe friends.

Open Studios

Ryan is excited about his 11th year participating in Greenville’s Open Studios. Please visit us Saturday Nov 14th 10-6pm, and Sunday Nov 15th 12-6pm.

I use industrial welding technology and old Blacksmithing equipment to create metal artwork. I use new and recycled steel purchased from a local supply company. I create products ranging in color and design from 18 years of experience working directly with iron.  My studio is home to a blacksmith shop with metal fabrication tooling. I am involved in teaching and promoting the craft of artist blacksmith.

Most of my work is site specific and commission based, but Open Studios offers me an opportunity to create an annual series of artwork.