Ryan Calloway works in an imaginative, creative style that brings new life to an ancient art form. He is continuously experimenting with both traditional and modern techniques, creating furniture, sculpture, kitchen ware, home and garden décor, and ornamental iron.

Calloway has worked with metal for more than ten years. From industrial welding, fabricating and installing structural iron work to forge welding and hammer and anvil work. In 1998, Ryan Calloway graduated from Greenville Technical College with a degree in Industrial Technology and a minor in Business. His influences include Alexander Calder, Samuel Yellin, and Albert Paley. Calloway is a member of Philip Simmons Artist-Blacksmith Guild of South Carolina and the Artist’s Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA).

During his six years in New Orleans, Ryan became a voracious student of blacksmithing and metal art. In 2006, Ryan returned to his hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. The move marked a transition into more elaborate blacksmithing projects and a focus on art.

In the fall of 2008, Ryan moved into a new work space in West Greenville. He directed the renovation of an existing warehouse using his expertise and other local artisans to create a multi user workshop and gallery space. He values community and has become a solid contributor to Greenville’s growing art district.